The Scholer family, owners of a popular restaurant chain franchise for 18 years, decided to launch their own concept. Alison South led the effort to create a new name, brand, and roll-out plan in under 6 months. Our team researched and developed the name “Doc’s Porchside” and crafted a recognizable brand, including a website, signage, and internal assets. We executed a full social media strategy, produced video content, and devised digital and traditional media plans, along with a comprehensive public relations strategy. Ahead of the August 2021 opening, we launched the Doc’s Porchside – Augusta Facebook page on July 2, generating significant engagement: 35,000+ reach, 6,125 engagements, 89 comments, and 185 shares. Our cohesive advertising campaigns across various media channels significantly increased visibility and sales, quickly establishing Doc’s Porchside as a local favorite in Augusta and Grovetown.